Rental Terms, Qualifications and Requirements

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Minimum age for Hertz rentals in United Arab Emirates 


Vehicle groups

Minimum Age

 (A) Kia Picanto or similar

 (B) Toyota Yaris or similar

 (C) Toyota Corolla or similar

(E2) Volvo XC40 Pure Electric P8 or similar

(G2) Toyota C-HR or similar

(Y1) Polestar 2 SR Single Motor or similar

(Y2) Polestar 2 LR Single Motor or similar

Minimum age is 21 years

 (E) Toyota Camry or similar

(F) Lexus IS300 or similar

(G) Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid or similar

(G1) Toyota Camry Hybrid

 (J) Toyota RAV4 or similar

 (K) Toyota Fortuner or similar

 (L) Toyota Prado VX or similar

(N) Toyota Landcruiser or similar

(O) Toyota Corolla Cross or similar

 (T) Honda CRV or similar

(V) Honda HRV or similar

(X4) Jeep Grand Cherokee or similar


Minimum age is 25 years



Requirements for corporate account customers may vary. Please contact the appropriate department.



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