Rental Terms, Qualifications and Requirements

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At the time of rental, the driver must present a valid national driver's license which has been held for at least 1 year.




* For the following vehicle groups you must present a valid national driver's licence held for at least 2 years:


 (G5) Maserati Levante 4x4 - GPS

 (K) BMW 5 Series or similar

(K6) Mercedes E-Class or similar

 (L) BMW 7 Series

 (L5) BMW 7 Series or similar

(L6) Mercedes CLS or similar

 (Q6) BMW 4 Series or similar

 (S) BMW X5

 (S5) Volvo XC90

(S6) BMW X5 or similar

 (Y) Volvo XC60 or similar

 (Z5) Mercedes V Class


* To rent the following vehicle groups you must present a valid national driver's licence held for at least 3 years:


(N1) Jaguar E-PACE

(P1) Range Rover Evoque

(R5) Ford Mustang

(U5) Range Rover Vogue or similar


For all Non-European Union renters, it is highly recommended your national driver's license must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP translates the national license into various languages and is on its own, without the national license, not acceptable. If a license issued outside the European Union cannot be read or understood, then it is not acceptable, unless accompanied by a translation from the official source, e. g. embassy headed paper. This includes licenses which are only partly translated, Japanese and all Arabic licenses etc.


Driver's licences issued by the People's Republic of China/ Japan/ Korea may be accepted provided you present an official Hertz Certification form. Hertz China/ Japan/ Korea will issue this form on Hertz notepaper and will incorporate the Hertz China/ Japan/ Korea Corporate seal. A scanned copy of the original licence will appear on the Certification form. The Certification form is valid until the expiry date of the Driver's Licence. Both the Certification and the original licence (with an International Driving Permit strongly recommended by Police authorities in Europe) MUST be produced at the time of rental.


If you hold a Driver's Licence issued in Vietnam, you need to present the original licence together with an authorised translation issued by the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport. If both documents are presented at time of rental these licences are acceptable worldwide.


Please also refer to "Passport/Identity Card Information”.

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