Rental Terms, Qualifications and Requirements
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At the time of rental, the driver must present a valid national driver's licence that has been held for at least 1 year. 


When renting the following vehicle groups, you must present a valid national driver's licence that has been held for at least 5 years and that has less than 7 penalty points at the time of rental:


(A5) Porsche Boxster 718

(B5) Aston Martin DB11 Volante

(C5) Porsche Cayenne S

(D5) R. Rover Sport Supercharged

(E5) Audi R8 Spider

(F5) Bentley GTC Speed

(G5) Porsche 992 4S

(H5) Audi Q7 TDI Quattro

(I5) Mercedes V Class Extra LWB

(J5) Porsche Panamera 4S

(K5) Lamborghini Huracan LP610

(L5) R. Rover Autobiography LWB


When renting vehicle group (M4) Ford Transit 17 Seat or similar you must present a valid national driver's licence with D1 entitlement that has been held for at least 3 years at the time of rental.


An International Driving Permit (IDP) is highly recommended for non-European Union renters.

The IDP translates the national licence into various languages and is on its own, without the national licence, not acceptable.


Northern Ireland customers: If you hold the new Photo card Driver's Licence  you must remember that the photocard and paper counterpart make up the complete driver's licence and both must be produced when renting a vehicle. If you do not have the new Photo card Driver's Licence, you will be required to produce a photo ID (passport etc) along with your paper licence at the time of rental.



All paper driving licenses and paper counter part licenses which have been laminated will not be accepted as valid as security features  cannot be seen when placed under the ultraviolet lamps at rental counters.


Important Notice for Customers with UK Driving Licences issued in Great Britain


The paper counterpart of the UK photo card driving licence is not valid and is no longer issued by the DVLA.  This change applies to Great Britain only and not Northern Ireland.


When renting in the UK, Angola, Bahrain, Balearics, Botswana, Canaries, Croatia, Namibia, Oman, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden and Tunisia, all drivers with a UK licence will need to provide evidence of any driving endorsements. This also applies if you have a paper licence that was issued before 1998.


To save time at the counter please bring a print out of your Licence Summary. The Licence Summary will be valid with Hertz for up to 30 days from the “Date generated”.


To obtain your Licence Summary please visit:


You will need:

Once on the View Driving Licence web page,

Hertz will accept your Licence Summary up to 30 days from the date it was generated.


Alternative option


If you do not have access to a printer, then please obtain the Unique Code that will be displayed less than 21 days prior to your pick up.  This will allow us to view your Licence Summary online.  Please allow extra time for this process. 


Note, Unique Codes are case sensitive so it is important to write in upper and lower case letters where relevant. Unique Codes that are over 21 days will be invalid.


To obtain a Unique Code:

1)      Go to

2)      or call free phone number 0300 083 0013


UK endorsed driver's licences. For codes DD, DR and UT and disqualifications of 12 months or more, the endorsement must be at least 5 years old from the date of endorsement expiry.


Short terms disqualifications of less than 12 months, speeding or accumulation of points, you are allowed to rent from the date of endorsement expiry.


All other codes, add all penalty points, if over a 3 years period 11 points or less have accrued, the licence may be accepted.


Endorsements on licences are to be taken from date of conviction, not date of offence.


Driver's licences issued by the People's Republic of China/ Japan/ Korea may be accepted provided you present an official Hertz Certification form. Hertz China/ Japan/ Korea will issue this form on Hertz notepaper and will incorporate the Hertz China/ Japan/ Korea Corporate seal. A scanned copy of the original licence will appear on the Certification form. The Certification form is valid until the expiry date of the Driver's Licence. Both the Certification and the original licence (with an International Driving Permit strongly recommended by Police authorities in Europe) MUST be produced at the time of rental.


If you hold a Driver's Licence issued in Vietnam, you need to present the original licence together with an authorised translation issued by the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport. If both documents are presented at time of rental these licences are acceptable worldwide. 


Please also refer to "Passport/Identity Card Information”.

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