Rental Terms, Qualifications and Requirements
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The following forms of payment are accepted when booking on the websites: most major credit cards, some debit cards* and the Hertz Charge Card (HCC).


However, you may opt to pay by other means at termination of rental, subject to specific terms and conditions being met.


* If you made your booking with a debit card, you will need to present the debit card and one or more credit card (depending on the vehicle group) when picking-up the vehicle.


For all “Pre-Pay Online” bookings, the person in whose name the vehicle is booked MUST be the person whose credit card is used.


The person who prepays the booking MUST be the person to whom the vehicle is rented.



- Travel agent bookings where IATA number is present and the travel agent' s credit card is used to pay for the rental; 

- Third party bookings through an on-line retailer provided the booking is made in the name of the person who will pick up the vehicle and he/she is qualified accordingly;

- Corporate account bookings made with a Corporate Lodge card.


Regardless of the above exceptions, the renter MUST produce the same credit card when picking up the vehicle that was used for the prepaid booking for identification and security reasons. If the card originally used has expired, been lost/stolen, you must produce the replacement card from the same card issuer. The card must be in your name and the issue/expiry dates should correspond to those of the original card.


At the time of rental a refundable deposit is obtained on your credit card in the amount of € 200.00 on top of the estimated rental charges to cover the refuelling costs and/or minor damages. There must be sufficient credit on your card to cover all charges. 


Credit cards


Acceptable credit cards are: AirPlus, American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard, Hertz Charge Card, Mastercard, Visa.




Full Credit Voucher (FCV) and One Trip Travel Order (OTTO) are accepted as a credit card for Finnish renters.


Full Credit Voucher (FCV) and One Trip Travel Order (OTTO) are accepted with a credit card if you are a foreign renter.


Limited Value Voucher (RCV) are accepted if accompanied by a credit card.

If you are renting on the Affordable Long Stay Program, you will need 1 voucher per 30 days of rental.




Cash is not accepted as a method of payment but it is possible to pay in cash at the end of the rental.


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