Rental Terms, Qualifications and Requirements

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General requirements


- Flight number is mandatory if arriving at an airport.

- Cash is not accepted as a form of payment.


Out of hours pick-up


Out of hours pick-up is available for all vehicle groups. However, this option cannot be booked via the Internet. Please contact your Reservation Centre as specific information is required, namely:


- Credit card / form of payment details (HCC, OTTO, MCO or voucher)

- Your mobile number


An additional fee with the following amount will apply:





Monday -



Out of hours


CHF 54.05

(including tax)

CHF 81.08

(including tax)


Out of hours return


Out of hours return is available for all vehicle groups without any additional fee. Please park the vehicle in the Hertz car park and leave the keys in the keybox.


Please note that you will be liable for any damage until a Hertz employee takes possession of the Hertz vehicle, documents and the keys when the location opens.


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