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If you opted for, or if your rate includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP), you may also wish to purchase an additional protection, "Super Cover", to waive your already limited liability in case of damage to, or theft of, the Hertz vehicle, its parts and accessories, including those losses resulting from collision, vandalism, theft or attempted theft, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.


Super Cover is not available for customers on business contract rate rentals unless there is a CDP code present that indicates that this option is applicable.


Super Cover does not cover broken/lost keys and accessories (e.g.Hertz NeverLost navigation unit, mobile Wi-Fi and child seats). You will be charged for replacement of these items if they are lost or damaged for any reason.


Please note your liability for damage to, or loss of, the vehicle will not be waived where you or the authorised driver are in breach of your obligations under the rental agreement, and in particular the rental restrictions section of the rental terms, or if the loss or damage is caused intentionally, or if the driver was not authorised by Hertz as the main or additional driver.

Moreover, if the main or the additional driver are grossly negligent (for example failure to assess the vehicle’s height, driving on unsuitable road conditions, improper use of the vehicle, contribution to damage to / theft of the vehicle) and in particular, but not limited to, the following circumstances:


Super Cover is offered in most locations but can only be purchased at time of pick-up for an additional amount of:


Vehicle group




(A) Fiat 500 or similar

(B) Ford Fiesta or similar

(C) Ford Focus or similar

(C1) Opel Astra - GPS or similar

(D6) Peugeot e-2008 or similar

(D7) Seat Leon Hybrid or similar

(G9) VW Caddy WCH 

(P) Ford Ecosport or similar

(Q) Volkswagen T-Cross or similar

(X) Nissan Townstar Cargo 3.3m3  or similar

€ 17.00

(including tax)

€ 119.00

(including tax)

€ 510.00

(including tax)

(C3) Ford Focus Traveller or similar 

(D) BMW 1 Series or similar

(E1) Mercedes B-Class - GPS or similar

 (R) Renault Kadjar 2x4 or similar


€ 19.00

(including tax)

€ 133.00 (including tax)

€ 570.00

(including tax)

(F) Skoda Octavia

 or similar

(F3) Skoda Octavia SW or similar

(R6) Volkswagen ID 4 or similar


€ 22.00

(including tax)

€ 154.00

(including tax)

€ 660.00

(including tax)

(C2) Ford Focus Automatic or similar

(O6) Volvo XC40 Recharge Hybrid or similar

(R7) Volvo XC40 Hybrid or similar

€ 23.00

(including tax)

€ 161.00

(including tax)

€ 690.00

(including tax)

(E2) Toyota CH-R Automatic or similar

(G) Citroen C4 Grand Picasso or similar

(H) Skoda Superb or similar

(T) Renault Kadjar or similar

€ 27.00

(including tax)

€ 189.00

(including tax)

€ 810.00

(including tax)

(I2) Mercedes C-Class AT - GPS or similar

(I3) Mercedes T C-Class - GPS or similar

(I4) Mercedes C-Class - GPS or similar

(R2) Renault Kadjar Automatic or similar

€ 29.00

(including tax)

€ 203.00

(including tax)

€ 870.00

(including tax)

(J2) Mercedes E-Class - GPS or similar

(M) Ford Galaxy or similar

(S2) Ford Kuga 4x4 - GPS or similar


€ 32.00

(including tax)

€ 224.00

(including tax)

€ 960.00

(including tax)

(K2) Mercedes S-Class 4x4 - GPS or similar

(T6) Jeep Wrangler 4x4 - GPS

(U2) Mercedes GLC 4x4 - GPS or similar

(U6) Mercedes EQC - GPS or similar

(U7) Volvo XC60 PHEV 4x4 - GPS or similar


€ 34.00

(including tax)

€ 238.00

(including tax)

€ 1,020.00

(including tax)

(V2) BMW X5 4x4 - GPS or similar


€ 36.00

(including tax)

€ 252.00

(including tax)

€ 1,080.00

(including tax)

(N) Ford Transit or similar

(N3) Ford Transit LARA or similar

€ 38.00

(including tax)

€ 266.00

(including tax)

€ 1,140.00

(including tax)

(Z) Mercedes Sprinter 10m³ or similar

€ 41.93

(including tax)


€ 293.56

(including tax)


€ 1,258.12

(including tax)

(M2) Mercedes Vito 4x4 - GPS or similar

(M9) Mercedes Sprinter WCH or similar

(N2) Mercedes V-Class - GPS or similar

(X6) Nissan Townstar Cargo 3.3m3 EV or similar

(Y) Fiat Scudo SX or similar

€ 42.00

(including tax)

€ 294.00

(including tax)

€ 1,260.00

(including tax)


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