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The Mountain Law requires drivers to equip their vehicles with anti-skid devices (snow tyres or chains or snow socks) in 48 departments between 1 November to 31 March.


Failure to do so might result in the vehicle being impouded at checkpoints and additional fees to be incurred as well as possible 
immobilisation of the vehicle (driver's responsibility). More information regarding the Mountain Law on the Road Safety website


Snow equipment is available in participating Hertz locations in mainland France:


Snow Equipement

Price incl VAT

Snow chains / Snow socks

15 € per day

90 € maximum per rental



Participating locations: Clermont Ferrand, Colmar, Geneva, Grenoble, Haguenau, Lyon, Metz, Moutier, Mulhouse, Pau, Strasbourg, Tarbes, Thionville, Toulouse, Nice.


Returns to another location are not permitted.


Hertz also offers vehicles equipped with winter tyres:


Category J: Jeep Renagate Winter Tyres or similar

Category R: Jeep Compass Winter Tyres or similar


For more information on the ski equipment, please visit your Hertz website or call your reservation centre.

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