Rental Terms, Qualifications and Requirements
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Snow tyres are available on request in Italy from specific locations and for all vehicle groups except for:



(A7) Fiat Panda or similar

(B2) Vespa 125CC or similar

 (B7) Fiat Panda 24/7 or similar

(C5) Lancia Y Diesel or similar

(C7) Toyota Yaris 24/7 or similar

(D7) Nissan Juke or similar

(E7) Nissan Qashqai 24/7 or similar

(F1) Ford Grand C-Max Winter Tyres or similar*

 (H7) Ford Galaxy or similar

 (K4) Ford Custom (Disabled) or similar

(M) Peugeot Traveller or similar

(N1) Fiat Tipo SW Winter Tyres or similar*


Green Collection

 (A2) Toyota C-HR Hybrid

(D2) Nissan LEAF Electric


 Family Collection

(H3) Fiat Talento Winter Tyres - GPS*


Fun Collection

(D3) Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

(D6) Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce - GPS

(G3) Jeep Wrangler 4x4 Winter Tyres*

(K6) Abarth 124 Spider

(O3) Jeep Compass 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS*

(T2) Maserati Quattroporte - GPS

(T6) Alfa Romeo Stelvio 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS*

 (U2) Maserati Ghibli - GPS

 (V2) Maserati Levante 4x4 - GPS

(V6) Abarth 595 Competizione

(Z3) Alfa Romeo 4C


 Hertz Prestige Collection

(A3) Jaguar FPACE 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS*

(I3) Volvo XC40 4x4 - GPS

(J6) Audi Q3 4x4 - GPS

(L3) Volvo S90 - GPS

(M3) Mercedes-Benz C Cabrio 4x4- GPS

(O6) Audi A6 Avant 4x4 - GPS

(Q3) Mercedes C SW Winter Tyres - GPS*

(R3) Range Rover Velar 4x4 - GPS

(R6) Audi A4 SW Winter Tyres - GPS*

(U3) Range Rover Sport 4x4 - GPS

(S3) Mercedes GLC 4X4 Winter Tyres - GPS*

(T3) Mercedes E SW 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS*

(V3) Jaguar E-PACE 4x4 - GPS

(W3) Mercedes GLE 4X4 Winter Tyres - GPS*

(X3) Volvo XC60 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS*

(Y3) Volvo XC90 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS*

(Y6) Volvo V90 SW - GPS

(Z6) Audi Q2 - GPS




Commercial Vans/Trucks



* These vehicle groups are equipped with winter tyres only between 15 November and 15 April. 


The additional fee is € 24.40 (including tax) per day with a maximum of € 292.80 (including tax) per rental.


A penalty fee will be applied if the snow tyres are not returned.


One-way rentals are not allowed.


This equipment cannot be booked via the Internet. For additional information and/or booking, please contact your Reservation Centre.


Note On the following vehicle groups winter tyres are included in the rental price:



(A3) Jaguar F-PACE 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(B1) Fiat Panda 4x4 Winter Tyres or similar

(C1) Opel Corsa Winter Tyres or similar

(D1) Fiat 500L Trekking Winter or similar

(E1) Ford C-Max Winter Tyres or similar

(F1) Ford Grand C-Max Winter Tyres or similar

(F6) Volvo V60 SW Winter Tyres - GPS

(G3) Jeep Wrangler 4x4 Winter Tyres

(H3) Fiat Talento Winter Tyres - GPS

(H6) Land Rover Discovery Sport 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(M6) Audi Q5 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(N1) Fiat Tipo SW Winter Tyres or similar

(N6) Audi Q7 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(O3) Jeep Compass 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(Q3) Mercedes C SW Winter Tyres - GPS

(R6) Audi A4 SW Winter Tyres - GPS

 (S3) Mercedes GLC 4X4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(T3) Mercedes E SW 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(T6) Alfa Stelvio 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(W3) Mercedes GLE 4X4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(X3) Volvo XC60 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS

(Y3) Volvo XC90 4x4 Winter Tyres - GPS




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