Flying Blue

And the journey continues…

Air France and Hertz have worked together for over thirty years.
Our longstanding connection lets us offer our mutual customers exclusive benefits and an uninterrupted travel experience.
So when you’re booking with Air France, make sure you pick up your connecting drive with Hertz.
And book yourself into the smoothest possible trip.

The price connection

Hertz offers Air France customers an exclusive 15% off Hertz car rental. We guarantee you won’t find a better deal than the one you get with Air France.

The service connection

Hertz and Air France are connected behind the scenes at the airport. Which means we can promise that Hertz will remain open and waiting until our last Air France customer arrives.

The loyalty connection

Flying Blue members receive 5 Awards Miles for every euro spent on Hertz rentals booked throught Air France, and 4 Awards Miles for every euro spent with Thrifty.